Motion Recognition Clothing

Introduction to Motion Recognition Clothing (Video)

Medibotics' patent-pending "Motion Recognition Clothing" technology is a novel approach to motion capture that is based on longitudinal bending of tubes that are integrated into clothing fabric that spans body joints.  Preliminary testing results suggest a modelable relationship between the change in joint angle and the change in the pressure within the tube as a joint moves and the tube is bent.

Motion Recognition Clothing: Sensor Placements Planned
for Next Gen 2014

Sensor Pressure as a Predictable Function of Knee Angle

The long-term goal is development of Motion Recognition Clothing that measures full-body posture and motion on an ambulatory basis.  Ideally, this clothing would be durable, relative inexpensive, and even washable if the electronics are detachable.  Potential applications for this technology include: medicine (e.g., gait analysis, exercise and energy measurement, injury prevention, telemedicine), entertainment (e.g., animation, virtual reality, gaming, live performance), and sports (e.g., training, virtual sports).

Motion Recognition Clothing
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